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our waitress brings us our bill, like most restaurants, however we were not quite finished, we were about to get dessert, which is fine. After we sit with our desert, the waitress comes by 3 times over the next 5 minutes, then asks us if we are done, if we are leaving and if we are going to pay our bill... Obviously we weren’t done, obviously we are going to pay our bill. She then says she’s “just making sure we were leaving” Very unprofessional, very uncomfortable.
debbie johnson
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Can you please provide some sort of update on your page and yelp on if you are open and what your covid procedures were. There is no indication anywhere as to if you are open.
Frank Lettera
this is with-out a doubt the best china buffet in Florida. Food is always Hot, tasty and fresh! Also the food buffet trays are always full, as soon as a tray is low on food, a kitchen worker is replacing it with a full one! Also the wait staff is ready to assist you at a moments notice! It is truly a 5 star restaurant!