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Just tried your restaurant. It was Amazing! Food that should be hot was hot and cold was cold! The attention from servers were Terrific. It’s such a huge place but what I loved was the smaller dining room to eat in. The only CON: I don’t feel children under 5-6 should be charged. My grand children hardly ate a thing (as they Always do). I even saw many small children not eating either. I feel 4 and under should be Free and maybe age 5-7 less than $2.00. All in all I rate it a 9.5 out of 10 (only because of the children being charged).
marie moise
I really enjoyed my dinner. The variety of choices is incredible. Whatever diet you are on you can still enjoyed. My first time and I will go back with my family. Thank you.
Tequila Armstrong
Are you open for Christmas 2019
Napoleon Coley
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