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Am missing crabs legs you don't have enymos..?????
Tom Stechschulte
Great selection Good prices
john skerry
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Indira E Ramdial
I used to come to your buffet all the time. But after the experience i had tonight, I and neither will my friends or family will be returning!!!! First off, I never saw my waiter alllllll night until it was time to collect our payment. Secondly, the MOD at the time "Louis" was extremely rude to me , in front of my daughter, who was celebrating her 9th birthday! I ordered a pinot grigio, which, wasnt pinot at all. I couldn't even ask to replace it all night, because i had only seen our server one time. Once to greet me. The other time was to give me my bill! Now , I explained to Louis how terrible the pinot grigio had tasted! He continuously told me I was wrong, and i drank the whole glass, when I literally had 2 sips.. (my kid was right there) It was really bad. Louis then proceeded to tell me that i was wrong and he is charging me for half of the wine. Whattt??? Im sorry, but this was totally unprofessional. Its not the money I even care about. Its the principal!!!! So after goin